Best Follow Me Mode Drones: Smart Flight Feature

There are many types of drones on the market today. From budget models that can be flown by anyone to professional grade drones used in filmmaking and photography, there is a drone to suit every need. The most popular type of drone is the follow me mode drone.

A follow me mode drone is a drone that can be controlled without your input. They come with their own GPS chip that allows them to identify where they are and where they are going. This makes it possible for you to fly them without having to worry about controlling them yourself.

Follow Me Mode Drones are a new category of drone that has recently hit the market. Follow Me Mode Drones are designed to follow you around wherever you go and capture your adventures. They’re a great way to get unique video footage, but also for personal security.

Follow Me Mode Drones are usually small, lightweight drones that can be controlled with a smartphone app or remote control. The drone will stay close to you as it follows you around, which makes it easy to record footage of your activities. These drones have been designed so that they can follow the user easily without having to worry about losing sight of them or getting stuck behind obstacles.

The quality of these types of drones varies greatly depending on the manufacturer and price point of each model. Some models only follow at a distance while others have multiple cameras that can capture different angles while still being able to follow their target closely.

These kinds of drones are ideal for anyone who enjoys doing extreme sports or wants to capture some amazing footage from their travels around the world!

What is Follow Me Mode?

In the simplest terms, follow me mode is a way for drones to track a target or object using GPS or visual cues. So when you say “Follow my car,” for example, the drone will keep up with your car as long as it can see it.

How Does It Work?

The first step is getting the drone and controller synced up so they can communicate with each other. This is done by pairing them via WiFi or Bluetooth (sometimes called “buddy-flying”). The next step is getting the drone into position to start tracking your vehicle or person. In most cases, this means having the drone hover above you at a safe distance while you walk away from it until it loses sight of you behind some trees/buildings/etc.. Once this happens, the drone will usually ascend vertically until it reacquires visual contact with its target and then begin following them again (this can take a few seconds).

Follow Me mode drones are a new way to fly your drone. With this mode, the drone will follow you around and capture your movements. It can be used for sports and adventure videos, but it’s also useful for other purposes.

Advantages of Follow Me Mode Drones

  • You don’t have to worry about flying the drone yourself — it will do it all on its own!
  • The drone will always be facing the same direction as you are, which makes it easier to shoot stable footage from a distance away from the subject.
  • The camera angle is not fixed at one height or distance from the subject (like in Orbit mode). Instead, it follows your every move so that you don’t need to worry about how high or far away from your subject it should be positioned at any given moment.
  • Easy to Use – Anyone can use them without having to learn how to fly a drone first. This makes it ideal for beginners who want to start shooting aerial footage right away.
  • Portability – These drones are compact and lightweight so they are easy to bring along wherever you go. They can fit inside your backpack or suitcase so you won’t have any problem bringing them along on your adventures.
  • Affordable Price – You don’t need an expensive camera drone in order to capture amazing shots from the air. You can get a good Follow Me Mode drone for less than $1,000 which is much cheaper than most camera drones out there that are specifically made for aerial photography or videography purposes.

Best Follow Me Mode Drones: Smart Flight Feature

LOZENGE HJ38 GPS Drone Follow Me WiFi Quadcopter Helicopter 1080P Camera Drone RC Drone

Model NameHJ38
Control TypeRemote Control
Video Capture ResolutionFHD 1080p

GPS Drone with camera for adults,Zuhafa T5,4K HD camera

Mirror AdjustmentRemote Control
Video Capture Resolution4K HD
Wireless Communication TechnologyWi-Fi
Remote Control Included?Yes

GPS Drone with camera for adults,Zuhafa T5,4K HD camera

Mirror AdjustmentGesture Control
Video Capture ResolutionFHD 1080p
Are Batteries IncludedYes
Wireless Communication TechnologyWi-Fi
Item Weight1.1 Pounds
Maximum Range50 Meters
Video Output Resolution1920×1080 Pixels
Remote Control Included?Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I want a drone that can follow me?

As you are aware, drones are used for a variety of purposes today. While action sports aficionados rely on follow-me modes to capture their incredible moves, drone racers and those trying to shoot breathtaking aerial footage may not be as concerned with the function. In summary, a follow-me mode is an automatic flight that enables you to get some incredible photos without having to actively pilot your aircraft.

What if my drone doesn’t follow me?

Each drone will have a unique follow-me mode control scheme. Others utilize AI and vision technologies to track an object, while some drones lock onto the remote control and just follow you. The second kind of drone can be easily tricked because it can lock onto someone else, lose sight of you behind an object, and other things. You can have some faith in the drone, but it is best to be vigilant and prepared to take manual over if something doesn’t go according to plan. To discover the elements that contribute to a successful flight, you’ll need to practice with your drone.

The situation becomes more challenging if you want to make a drone that does not have a follow feature follow you. Adding third-party navigation tools can be highly expensive, and doing so calls for a flight controller and systems that let you to plug in modules and code. Adding Intel RealSense technology to a PX4-powered drone is a lot of fun, especially if the drone is also running an NVIDIA Jetson computer, but the components I just mentioned each cost about as much as a DJI Mini 2.


Follow Me Mode drones can be found on sale from a number of high-quality manufacturers like DJI, Parrot and others. Their prices vary between $70 to more than $500 for the most advanced drones with 4K cameras and a lot more features. Follow me mode drones are often equipped with GPS and sensors like sonar and magnetometer.

Those sensors assist the drone to follow a carrier or a person without any problem along the way. The quality of photos is also much better when compared to Point of Interest mode drones as they can handle any kind of light condition easily.

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